Consortium for Research
On Unsafe Abortion in Africa

Perceptions of Policymakers towards Unsafe Abortion and Maternal Mortality in Nigeria (December 2008)

This qualitative study explored the perceptions of key policymakers towards maternal mortality and unsafe abortion in Nigeria. A total of 49 policymakers were interviewed in the six geo-political zones of the country with an open-ended interview guide that solicited information on their knowledge of the causes of abortion-related maternal mortality and their perceptions of the policies and action-plans needed to address the problem.

Study summary and interview guidelines

Assessing the public health, social and economic costs of unsafe abortion
(September 2008)

This pilot study involved developing a design and instruments to measure the economic costs to health systems, households and individuals of unsafe abortion as well as to increase understanding of the social consequences for women and their families of unsafe abortion. Pilot tests were conducted in Mexico, Ethiopia and Pakistan in 2008

Full report (PDF)

Appendix a
Participants: Workshop on estimating the economic and social costs of unsafe abortion, August 29-31, 2007

Appendix b
Questionnaire A: Health system costs of unsafe abortion (PDF)

Appendix c
Questionnaire B: Drugs, supplies, lab tests and materials (PDF)

Appendix d
Interviewer’s manual for questionnaire a and b (PDF)

Appendix e
Complication protocols (PDF)

Appendix f
Cost of unsafe abortion: Women’s questionnaire (PDF)

Appendix g
Provider case interview questionnaire (PDF)

Appendix h
Follow-up in-depth interview guidelines (PDF)

Appendix i
Interviewer’s Manual for women’s interviews, provider case interviews and follow-up in-depth interviews (PDF)